the beginning...

We started humbly in Hood California in 1992 with our first restaurant Skittle's. Then grew into our second restaurant/boat marina in Courtland called Rose's Rockin Docks.  Moved on in the year of 2000 to the Westside Pub & Grill in West Sacramento,  with a grand plan: to have a fun country place where people could come and enjoy music in and outside in a comfortable atmosphere. To create the finest food this world has ever tasted, end of story. And with nothing but a dream, we've grown and grown and exploded to this point where you're reading this right now and probably wishing you were at the Elkhorn Country Saloon.

 Turns out we also like people, though. We're not making these delicious, one-of-a- kind creations  not share them with our customers.  We hope to share them with you, so head on into the  ELKHORN COUNTRY SALOON and enjoy our great food and beverages. SEE YOUR THERE!!!



Tuesday - Thursday: 11am-8pm
Friday -Saturday: 11am-9pm
Sunday: 9am-7pm

Holidays: Closed Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter


Call us AT:

916-371-BARR (2277)

We use only our best homemade ingredients that keep
customers coming back AGAIN ANd again.